Bir cemal safi şiiri – Benim adım aşk

SEMESTER 2, 23rd March 2017

As part of my final project for my Turkish class, I will be performing Cemar Safi’s nerve-wrecking & amazing piece in the name of ‘Benim adım aşk’ meaning my name is love.

The english translation can seem a bit mediocre, but don’t be fooled. A lot can be lost in translation. The turkish version is so moving and well crafted. The flow is unbelievably organic (mind you, this is coming from a person who you used to look down upon the whole genre).

Cemar Safi is simply a genius (not so good of a salesman myself, but will try). Born into poverty in the last quarter of 1938 in a small old town Samsun, Cemar is your typical Turkish old soul poet. They say ‘what comes from the soul touches the soul’, I guess I can now claim that this quote has never been so literal to me before.

Cemar has published over 150 poems to date, with his last mega project being the “Ya Evde Yoksan” poetry book.


Enough about the introductory note. Here it is …

My name is LOVE (ENGLISH)

Is there anyone who knows me?

I am the secret that cannot be solved without living in it,

Even if there aren’t many people who are unaware of me,

It is still hard to identify me.


Nightingales (bird) sung their songs in my language,

They fell in love with roses thanks to me,

And an avalanche from Taurus mountains fell into my heart,

But it cannot put out my fire.


There were sultans and kings,

Their destinies changed because of me,

I toppled them from their thrones,

I have unbelievable skills.


Wise people became uneducated because of me,

Wild people became nice ones thanks to me,

Selim * (ottoman king who is famous for being harsh) became tolerant because of me,

I am the one who spoils all the games.


I am the cause of fatal illnesses,

Even the most wise doctors couldn’t find a cure to me,

Kerem burnt for Aslı because of me (Kerem and Aslı are like Romeo and Juliet in turkish literature)

I am the fire into which they threw prophet Abraham.


For my sake, the big mountains were pierced,

It was for Leila or Shirin (heroines like Juliet)

Farhad* made me strong ( a character like Romeo )

I am the strength, I am the power.


Rumi( famous persian philosopher) made his religious movements thanks to my chants,

Yunus (famous turkish philosopher) made people calm with my help,

But at the same time, some families were destroyed because of me,

I am the goodness, I am the evil and I am from God.


Prophet Mohammed was created for me,

All the blessings were for me,

I am the sweet talk of wise people,

I am the brightness on the faces of all prophets.


I have no-one, no friends, no enemies,

I am invisible, no objects, no pictures,

I am easy to say, I just have one syllable,

I am located in a place they call ‘heart’


My name is LOVE.


Bir cemal safi şiiri – Benim adım aşk (TURKISH)


var mı beni içinizde tanıyan

yaşanmadan çözülmeyen sır benim

kalmasa da şöhretimi duymayan

kimliğimi tarif etmek zor benim


bülbül benim lisanımla ötüştü

bir gül için canevinden tutuştu

yüreğime toroslardan çığ düştü

yangınımı söndürmedi kar benim


niceler sultandı kraldı şahtı

benimle değişti talihi bahtı

yerle bir eyledim taç ile tahtı

akıl almaz hünerlerim var benim


kamil iken cahil ettim alimi

vahşi iken yahşi ettim zalimi

yavuz iken zebun ettim selim’i

her oyunu bozan gizli zor benim


yeryüzünde ben ürettim veremi

lokman hekim bulamadı çaremi

aslı için kül eyledim kerem’i

ibrahim’in atıldığı kor benim


sebep bazı leyla bazı şirin’di

hatrım için yüce dağlar delindi

bilek gücüm ferhat ile bilindi

kuvvet benim kudret benim fer benim


ilahimle mevlana’yı döndürdüm

yunusumla öfkeleri dindirdim

günahımla çok ocaklar söndürdüm

mevladanım hayır benim şer benim


benim için yaratıldı muhammed

benim için yağdırıldı o rahmet

evliyanın sözündeki muhabbet

enbiyanın yüzündeki nur benim


kimsesizim hısmım da yok hasmım da

görünmezim cismim de yok resmim de

dil üzmezim tek hece var ismimde

barınağım gönül denen yer benim


benim adım aşk!



Author: Mr.Clevance

I am starting this journey as a self-realization process that I have been meaning to do years now. I hope it changes and inspires you as it will to me.

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