The mean principle



Many of us tend to look at things with the perception of extremities as far as anything is concerned. We stretch every ideology that there is with a focus of the far opposites: right and wrong, black and white, good and evil, and the list goes on infinitely. But is this how we ought to approach things? Is this any right by any sort of set standards if there is?

Aristotle answers this with an observatory doctrine that he dubs as ‘The mean principle’. The principle goes like ‘it is not that there are shades of grey between moral black and white – good and bad aren’t opposites at all. Rather, the good is a ‘mean’ that stands between two bads: that of excess and that of deficiency. Courage, for instance, is the mean between the excess of rashness and the deficit of cowardice. Mercy is the mean between the excess of vengefulness and the deficiency of surrender’.

The mean principle is a really signifinicant and brilliant ideology that utterly changes one’s perspective on how to approach things. With this principle in mind, the idea of ‘too much of everything is harmful’ is afterall true.


Author: Mr.Clevance

I am starting this journey as a self-realization process that I have been meaning to do years now. I hope it changes and inspires you as it will to me.

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