This goes to my one and only talented young brother Justin, who is only 12 right now and doing amazing things already. This kid is destined for greatness, Ayiii! Check him out.


My name is Bart Henry. I am a punching bag to others. I am an aberration. I am a disposable human being.

I am going to tell you about my life from the beginning. It all started when I was born, my mom had cancer and she died a few days later. Then my father followed. He got shot in the head when I was six years old. Before I knew it I lost all my family members.

I was an orphan for about five years, that until someone adopted me. I had lived with him for as long as I can remember. He loved and hated me at the same time. I was scared, really scared, but happy. The worst times was when he was drunk. I hated it when he did that.

At school, all my classmates stunned me because I wasn’t popular. Older kids used to beat me up. Crying was my everyday ritual. I had been bullied for like eight years. When I turned twenty years old, I suffered from a mental illness. Must have been all that bullying I got. I was taken to REHAB. The only people that used to visit me were my imaginary friends.

After a few years, my illness got better and I was free to go. In the age 36, I still kept on getting threatening messages from strangers saying ‘I will kill you, I promise!’. I got so scared that I starting thinking to myself saying, ‘if people don’t like me, then what’s the point of living’. I picked up a knife and started counting. Three…two… one…

Before I knew it I was in the hospital. I was told I had remained with only one kidney. I had stabbed the other one… While in the hospital, the only people visiting me were my imaginary friends. I cried and bled. Days passed.

I one day had a heart attack. They said my stress had caused it. Was breathing heavily. On my last breath, I saw the light. I WAS DEAD. I was later on buried by the same people who hated me. How nice? They had tossed my coffin as if it was a ball. They took pictures and posted them online. The only friends who came to the funeral were my imaginary friends.

Advice to my young self in another dimension and all of you. Be happy with what you have. Spend time with those you love, and actually, care about. Before you know it they will all be in and out without even noticing.



Author: Mr.Clevance

I am starting this journey as a self-realization process that I have been meaning to do years now. I hope it changes and inspires you as it will to me.

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