Let’s call her Queen Hatshepsut… PART TWO

Queen Hatshepsut was different. Queen Hatshepsut was the one.

CEM 26/05/2017, DSM

I decided to ask her out for a drink. Suggested that we ditch the place right away. Was confident she would be down for it. After all, the seminar was boring and she seemed lonely – NIGGAZ be scared of them pretty ladies hunh! 🤔 I could see it in everyone’s eyes. No one wanted to stay there no longer. Why are some speakers this boring though? SMH!

We had reached at the bar in no time. That Bajaj was flying like no man’s business.

‘Wait! I got it. Lemme pay’ … ‘You know I can’t let you pay’. Acting like a gentleman… ‘What is that supposed to mean? Who dyu take me for? If anything, I might be earning more than you. Boy, don’t piss me off. N’tageuza!’ … BACKFIRED! How did that escalate so fast? Zero to a hundred real quick … I had to let go. Tanzanian feminists are not to be messed around with. They are like no other. They will make your life miserable. After all my BABU has endlessly warned me about them. The man had to live with one for over sixty years for Christ’s sake… Granny I still love you ✊🏽!

Drinks kept on popping and I had nothing to worry about. She was gonna pay for it, wasn’t she? – When that boss lady mentality acts on your way 😉… We tossed to happy lives. We tossed to life and new friends. We tossed to every cliche’ thing you know until we ran out of words. My light head wasn’t helping. I really couldn’t keep up.

‘Pass it to my boss right here, she will handle it all’ … ‘Ahh! We Clevance. What kinda gentleman are you? I am a pretty girl bwana. I need to be taken care of.’ … Arggggh! What’s up with these girls nowadays? Make up your minds … SIGHS… I really need a girl’s mindset translator. I mean wasn’t she the one who trolled me some hours ago for wanting to pay? SMH! 😤.

‘Of course Queen Hatshepsut! What was I thinking? … Dada dyu accept debit cards?’ … Luckily they did… Annnd I’m now not going out for two weeks 🤦🏽‍♂️. CALCULATED RISKS.

‘So what now Queen Hatshepsut?’ … ‘I wanna dance’…’It’s too early. Elements isn’t open for another hour’ … ‘Yeah sure! Okay, take me back to my place. I need to change, can’t dance with heels on’ … OMG YASSS! Now you talking. It would have been super weird if I was to tiptoe to kiss her. I mean if that was to happen in the first place. LOL! Short people probs.

Her room was really tidy. Arranged too. OCD level kinda clean. Had a king sized bed by the wall. Dressing table on the other side. The carpet! OMG!!! What kinda shenanigans is this lady involved with? I mean for a twenty-year-old girl to live in such a nice apartment like this, in Masaki Tanzania, is so unlikely.

Whilst gazing my eyes about the room, she grabbed my shirt, pulled me in and kissed me on the lips … I was shocked. Taken by surprise. Didn’t know what to do. Bruh! I don’t think there was consent here. SHOCKS … Before you know it I was in too. Five minutes. Ten. Thirty… I was getting aggressive, and so was she. It was as if we both had a year long dry spell.

Right from the start, we were in sync. With her, there was no out rhythm kinda kissing. We were resonating at the same wavelength. It’s as if we were made for each other. She felt different. She felt special. One hand on her back head, the other manoeuvring about her back. OMG her back! Did I tell you about her back? You will know she’s a goddess when you can move your hand from her scapular to her buttocks comfortably without any use of force. How much time did the artist himself spend on this masterpiece?

Ohhh, Lord! This girl could kiss… In my head, ‘the things I will do to this goddess’. Kissing with my eyes closed. Didn’t wanna pick as I would do with others. This one was special. I didn’t wanna ruin the moment… All of a sudden she stopped. Moved back a bit. Looked at me straight in the eyes, and nodded … What happened? Did I do anything wrong? … SCARED… SHOOK … ‘Are you alright?’ … ‘No… Yeah… I mean I’m more than good. I like where this is going.’ … ‘I’m glad you do. I really like it too Queen Hatshepsut.’ … ‘But …’ … ‘Ohhh NO! I hate buts. SAY NO MORE! Let’s just continue’. My horny ass had taken over. I wasn’t thinking straight.

‘You know what Queen Hatshepsut? You’re right. I really like you, and I don’t want this to be like any other one night stand.’ … ‘So you sleep around a lot, hunh?’ … ‘I didn’t mean that Queen Hatshepsut! You know, you are really special to me. Messing up is the last thing I would want to happen.’ … ‘Clev you good. Stress not! … I wanna take a nap now. And I don’t think Elements is happening anymore. You can go without me though.’ … Clearly, this was a test. MHH! … ‘I’m quite exhausted myself. I think I will head home now.’

We kissed goodbye, and I was off!

‘Wapi kaka?!’ … ‘Mikocheni KFC … Ummm! No wait. Take me to Elements’.




Author: Mr.Clevance

I am starting this journey as a self-realization process that I have been meaning to do years now. I hope it changes and inspires you as it will to me.

3 thoughts on “Let’s call her Queen Hatshepsut… PART TWO”

  1. Mmmmh these “to be continued ” make me so curious …smh and I hate it …I mean I really wana know the end😭😭😭😭


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