This one goes to my friend, my brother, my homie MJ. Told him to focus on coding and singing 😅, atuachie wengine huku… This guy is destined for greatness though. Big up man!!! … Check him out.


It almost 1 a.m and you’re about to go to bed, planning to wake up early in the morning so you can at least get to work on time, for once. The dream starts. You are in the same hall you live in, on campus. As you walk down the hallway you pass by several rooms, it’s almost 10 p.m – everyone is about to go to bed. As you pass by one room, in particular, you see your high school crush making her bed. So you stop and scream her name while struggling to understand why she is where she is In the first place. You decide to go with the flow and not question what nature can do. Or how she magically got from Havard to Texas real quick. Her reaction to seeing you does not equate yours. You get in and start asking her how she is. Her room’s lights are dim. Her roommate is already dead asleep. As the two of you whisper about your conversation – she lying in bed and you sitting beside her, the roommate wakes up and looks at the both of you trying to reconnect after being 9 months apart. The roommate is now really pissed and can no longer take it. So the two of you decide to leave her room and go to your room.

She gets up a quarter way naked. Does not have any underclothing on. You cover her up with a blanket as you try to quickly walk away from her rusty roommate. As you get into your room, she says “How the hell do you guys live in such a hell hole!”…“Don’t worry hey, let me get my bed ready for you…”.

No sooner had you finished making the bed than she jumped and slept on it facing the wall. You stared at her sleep while in your mind just thinking of all the things your thirsty self will do to her, taking into account of all the time we haven’t seen each other. You tell yourself to be cool and walk away, and you do so. She holds your hand and then let go, tantalising you to respond to her poisonous seductive call. You turn back and lay on her, your faces just inches away from each other. You ask her “are you sure you want this?” She tilts her head back as if in denial about what her body wants but her mind denies. She says “who are you to say what I want, and what I don’t?”. You kiss her. Holding her jaw-line firmly as if it were an instrument, trying to navigate to her wet lips. It gets intense. She shivers as she satisfies all her thirst from your touch only. She stops, and so do you. The distance between the two of you is still maintained. You look at her face and you say “For Justy?”. Who the hell is Justy??? She smiles and laughs, the same way she always does …. Just so beautiful …..

You wake up, you look at your phone. You see the text …. ‘Get to Havard right now!’… Before you react, you hear your alarm. Well … “Wake up mate”!

Author: Mr.Clevance

I am starting this journey as a self-realization process that I have been meaning to do years now. I hope it changes and inspires you as it will to me.


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