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Earlier this summer I had a pleasure to work with a very promising participant in the youth entrepreneurship summit that my friends and I organized in Dar es Salaam (check here http://dyesummit.com/). His love for social entrepreneurship is invigorating and super contagious.

Presenting the one and only Aloyce Mkwizu!!!


Dear readers welcome to 2017 the only year which you can correct all mistakes of 2016 and make sure you complete all that you have planned for this year. Since it is January I am well sure that most of us are thinking of what business to start with so I have decided to summarize at least 50 business ideas to make money in this year.

Before analyzing these business ideas, I would like to offer a block of advice that before deciding to start any business outlined below you have to conduct a good research about the business, look if there is sufficient market for that business and make sure that it is very unique and offering the best services so as to have a great chance of being at the top of competition.

The business ideas have been grouped into 3 types; large capital, Medium capital and small or no capital at all. So, that anyone either financially good or bad can prosper in the respective business. So let’s go and take a look at those business ideas.

  1. Manufacturing (type 1)

When you are a manufacturer of a product or products, you are the ultimate boss. You are the origin. You determine the price. Many rich people in the world like Bill Gates of USA and Mohammed Dewji of Tanzania are manufactures.

  1. Fast food (type 2)

Nowadays people are very busy that they don’t have the time to cook and we need to eat every day of the week. Just find the right location and start your business.

  1. Real estate (type 1)

This is the most profitable business in today’s world since everybody needs home and farms and related stuffs. Read real estate books of Robert Kiyosaki author of rich dad poor dad and start your business.

  1. Multi-level marketing (type 3)

This is the best business you can do on earth with very small capital depending on the company you’re working with. It is a revolutionary way of marketing products giving you an opportunity to raise residual income. Residual income means you supply goods on repeated basis and earn a percentage income from them for life. I recommend you to join forever living products because I trust this company. You can also read the book of Robert Kiyosaki (business of 21st century)

  1. Pharmacy (type 2)

We all need medicine at one point or another. Whether manufacturing or sales this is by far one of the fastest growing business in the world. Every week as new diseases crop up, medicine must be found to treat it.

  1. Electronics (type 1)

We all need to be entertained. All source of gadgets are needed to achieve this end. Can you imagine life without electric kettle, cooker, or refrigerator? How about iron, tv’s, radios, phones and all source of gadgets we seem unable to live without.

  1. Hospitality industry (type 1)

Hotels, lodges, resorts and restaurants are part of our everyday life. All these don’t bring first money but it is some sort of investment which will flow you with money for all your life time

  1. Logo design (type 1)

You just need an office and some knowledge about logo design which is free at the internet, that’s it. Many companies and groups need logos for their products and related so if you can make the most of it, 2017 will become the best year of your life.

  1. Career counselling (type 3)

You just need an office and the best knowledge about many careers you will capture. Many people don’t know which career to be in so just brand your name and tell them what to do. Please you have to be very good in this so as to excel in this business.

  1. Translator /linguistics (type 3)

Everybody can be a translator, either educated or not you have to learn at least 3 official languages since translators are needed in today’s world especially in business. Linguistics also play a very big role in education sector.

  1. Whole sale (type 2)

If you are able to get into wholesale business, it is often better than retail. If you have what retailers want at competitive prices, then you will sell goods in greater volumes.

  1. Used cars (type 1)

Selling quality used cars is a great business. Not all humanity can afford new cars. Give your customers a good deal and they will tell all your friends about you.

  1. Computer services (type 2)

Almost anything with in the world of computer is paying. Either computer software, programing, providing internet services, website designing, computer spare parts or sales and accessories can be paying. Ask bill gates

  1. Office supplies and stationary (type 2)

The world lives on stationary. books, newspaper, magazines are needed every day of the week. Where could you possibly go wrong in this business?

  1. Counselling services (type 3)

The world is full of all sort of problems. Both in personal life and in general. Also, writing a book on that subject will set you a part from others. You just need an office and branding your name.

  1. Master of ceremonies and public speaking (type 3)

If you’re crazy enough with the gift that GOD gave you, you will be very busy on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. The pay isn’t too bad especially after making a name for yourself. Read dale Carnegies (how to develop self-confidence and influencing people in public speaking)

  1. Writing (type 3)

Well what can I say about writing!!!I live by it. If you take writing away from me I will die.it is the oxygen that keeps me going. You may choose to write books, newspaper and magazines. There is also a lucrative area in ghost writing. Some people have story to tell but can’t write them, so be the expert to do it for them

  1. Cleaning services (type 3)

You can do it yourself or set up an office offering cleaning services and offer reasonable rates and efficient services. You will never be out of work.


  1. Herbal medicine (type 2)

A growing market as Chinese herbal medicine has demonstrated. People are turning to herbal medicine in large numbers due to less toxicity and side effects.

  1. Gardening services (type 3)

Most people dream of having heavenly garden to relax in. With a bit of creativity and innovation you can design unique gardens that will advertise themselves and your services as well to passersby free of charge.

  1. Printing and publishing (type 2)

Whether magazines, books, newspaper, office stationary, business cards, t-shirts all need to be printed. Seek to have long term contracts printing of schoolbooks and exams papers is particularly lucrative

  1. Disposable cutlery (type 3)

Passing through homes and offices taking un wanted materials like waste materials and left overs either yourself or by organizing others will bring you a lot of income this year.

  1. Nursing services (type 3)

You just need a certificate, diploma or degree in the related field. Since hospitals can’t always cope with every demand. Start your journey of being a flying nurse. The age and invalid need specialized attention. The very rich need personalized attention when sick.

  1. Saloon (type 2)

Both hair cutting and hair dressing saloons are very good profit making business depending on the location of your services, its uniqueness and the services offer includes hospitality to the customers will make your business be flooded with customers

  1. Football viewing center (type 3)

Find a large place which can accommodate a large number of people. Find a large tv screen. Register yourself with DSTV and have small additional free services. The business is fun

  1. Homemade soaps (type 3)

A lot of lessons are taught every day on the internet on how to make soaps. Buy the ingredients and start your business. marketing of your products will follow later.

  1. Laundry/ironing services. (type 3)

People are very busy nowadays if you decided to offer the above services effectively I’m sure you will be in good shape in 2017.

  1. Investing on the stock. (type 1)

Easily one of the smart ways of multiplying your money (risks notwithstanding. Consult with the renowned stock broker before you take the plunge)

  1. Buying shares in companies. (type 1)

First investigate the soundness and the viability of the company. How long has it been in business? Who do you know has bought shares in that company? How do they fare in that company? Everything being equal you should yield great returns from buying shares I highly recommend it.

  1. Supplying raw materials to manufactures (type 2)

Identify several factories and supply them with raw material at a good price. If this factory produce an everyday item like cereals then you are into big, big money.

  1. Room and boarding (type 2)

If you have a large a house and don’t mind strangers trudging through it, this is one way to supplement your income. There are people who rather stay in homely environment rather than hotels. A good example are day scholar students who live in far places they would really love the services.

  1. Daycare services (type 3)

As more and more young mothers feel the need to go out for work. So, there is increasing need for this services. The beauty of it also is that you can do it within the confines of your home. Sometimes you have to register with relevant authorities for the safety of your business.

  1. Funeral services (type 2)

Often ignored by people because of its macabre nature but highly lucrative. People die, funeral services are needed every day.so either you offer mortuary services or making coffins or just general funeral services. You will be in demand 365 days a year.

  1. Freighting kids to and from school (type 3)

Most people hate waking up early taking kids to school. Take advantage of this need. Another business idea for which you do not need business premises all you need Is reliable means of transport.

  1. Healthy club/gym (type 2)

Many people believe in the proverb saying healthy is wealthy. Hence, they take very good care of their healthy for the daily work out they prepare to go to the gym or health clubs. Starting a health club in a good area will always make you successful

  1. Social media service. (type 3)

Today social media play a big role in business many companies look for specialist and social media providers. You can be that expert doing ghost writing for business, posting on blogs, Facebook, twitter and linked Facebook pages

  1. Mobile garage services (type 2)

opening mobile garage by keeping mobile man power is a good business idea. Because usually car breakdown take places where there are no garage services available. You just need good mechanics to start a business.

  1. Rain water harvest (type 2)

Rain water harvest means storing water for future uses. People often look for help to understand about rain water harvesting consultancy business or harvest rain water and selling it

  1. Used products buy sales9type 2)

This is a business idea for those who have the ability to find beauty in all things.in this business you buy and sell all used products.

  1. Photographer (type 2)

If you are good in taking photos, think of becoming a photographer. Becoming a photographer is a business itself. On every individual business occasion people call for photographers.


Take my email and let us finish the other 10 business ideas. Good luck and let me know how you get on in whatever business you choose to get into.


Aloyce .G. Mkwizu


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Author: Mr.Clevance

I am starting this journey as a self-realization process that I have been meaning to do years now. I hope it changes and inspires you as it will to me.

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